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Every parent comes to a point in time where they have no idea what to do or who to turn to for advice or help. Or, they get so much advice, their head starts to spin. We usually end up surfing the web to learn more about parenting styles and ways of disciplining. We can find many different videos on the web that discuss certain specific topics like potty-training or discipline, but here are some videos that will help you view parenting as a whole.

Parent First

This video is quite funny and just reminds us that after all the methods and beliefs that parents use or follow, we are all parents first and foremost. This video also accentuates the fact that the common denominator in all of these methods is love. It’s true that love conquers all. Remember this in your daily parenting battles.


Conscious Parenting

This video will make you take a step back and think. This is a video that reminds us that we are learning just as much, if not more than our children during this process of parenting. The video talks about how we need to be fully present and engaged with our children and this will lead to a happy, healthy child.


I Choose Self Control Board

This short video made the list not because of the quality of the video, but the message behind the tool that this woman invented for parents and teachers. This will also help many children to outlet their emotions.


The Ways We Parent

This short video is a great example of the different ways we handle a parenting situation. Dr. Becky Bailey actually has a lot of videos that show certain examples and many have them have a little comic relief as well. Sometimes it can be hard in the moment to react to a situation a certain way. Which reaction are you?


Jennifer Kolari

This expert explains parenting in a way that agrees with science and psychology. This video is a little lengthy, but is definitely worth the watch. There will be many “aha” moments while watching!

Watch these videos and you will find many more that weren’t listed that will give you a new positive perspective on parenting.

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