Upgrade Your Body, Brain, and Life with DIY Biological Improvements


Upgrade Your Body, Brain, and Life with DIY Biological Improvements

What is Biohacking?

Simply put, biohacking can be defined as enhancing or improving the body and brain by taking advantage of our own biology. In practical terms it usually consists of taking a keen interest in your health and making small, deliberate changes to your diet or lifestyle. These changes should lead to an improvement in your health and general well-being.

At Medcells we help our clients by setting up individual frameworks to optimise health, physical and mental strength. One of the tools we use is bioresonance therapy.

Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance is a holistic, non-invasive therapy that measures the energy of your body’s biomagnetic field and uses this data to identify possible problems in the body’s cells.

When unhealthy energetic frequencies are identified in the body’s cells, bioresonance therapy can neutralise them to keep the body in the highest state of health possible.

How Does Bioresonance Therapy Work?

There are two parts to a bioresonance system – a machine that produces the electromagnetic field, and electrodes that are attached to the surface of your skin. The machine emits a gentle and safe electromagnetic frequency, which travels through the body. If there’s an energy disturbance in the body, the returning signal is weak and muted.

The machine can identify what kind of frequency has returned, and as such, identify the source of the problem in the body. Specific frequencies can be applied to the problem area to “cancel out” the negative frequencies.


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Bioresonance Diagnostics

A bioresonance test is incredibly comprehensive.

Absorption Status

The body should be absorbing a certain amount of healthy nutrients from your food and drink. If there’s an absorption problem, you can find out and begin to rectify it so your body receives all the goodness it needs from its food and supplements.


Parasites can cause many undesirable effects on the body and brain, and you may not even know they’re there! Not only can bioresonance detect parasites that are deeply hidden in the body, but it can also play a role in eliminating them.

Acidity Levels

As well as vitamin and mineral levels, bioresonance tests can give an indication of the acidity levels in the body. Acidity contributes to disease, so you can monitor your own body and make sure it stays alkaline.

Biological Age

One of the goals of biohacking is to improve biological age. In other words, to have a younger, healthier body and mind than our true years. Bioresonance indicates where your body and mind stand and how to keep them young.

47 Organs Health Status

How many organs in the body can you name? Bioresonance testing provides you with a comprehensive assessment of 47 organs and their functionality! With that amount of information in your hands, you’re already ahead of the health game.

Pathogenic Infections

In many cases, pathogenic infections are present in the body long before we begin to notice symptoms. Bioresonance testing identifies infections, allowing you to begin treating them before they affect your health.


The electromagnetic frequencies your body sends back to the bioresonance machine can also indicate certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Understanding where you’re deficient helps you to balance out your body and maximise your health.


One of the biggest benefits of bioresonance is that it can indicate which symptoms have legitimate causes and which may be psychosomatic. Armed with this knowledge, you can move forward with effective treatment for all symptoms.


Inflammation is the root of many diseases. Understanding where in the body you’re prone to inflammation can help you avoid it, and in turn, significantly reduce the risk of disease.

Food Sensitivities

A bioresonance test can offer some insight into what kind of foods may have negative effects on the body. This knowledge is highly valuable, as you can avoid the bad stuff and focus on building your body and mind with only foods you respond well to.

Biohacking Categories


Bioresonance is a safe, holistic therapy that uses electromagnetic frequencies to diagnose and treat health problems. It’s non-invasive, doesn’t cause unpleasant side effects, and works with your body’s own electromagnetic energy to balance and heal.


Nutraceuticals are foods or food-derived health products that are safer alternatives to pharmaceuticals. They embody the saying “Let food be thy medicine,” offering specific physiological benefits when consumed as part of a healthy diet.


Cellular regeneration is all about repairing the body’s cells. Cells get damaged by wear and tear, exercise, injury, and disease. Regeneration is the branch of biohacking that focuses on regenerating these cells, contributing to anti-aging in the process.

Hormone Balance

Biohacking hormonal balance is a safer alternative to medical hormone replacements. Hormonal biohacking includes adding adaptogenic herbs, foods rich in tryptophan (which stimulates serotonin), and Omega 3s to your daily diet.

Brain Health

Change your brain, change your health. Nourishing your brain with the exact supplements and antioxidants it needs could lead to reduced risk of neurological conditions and memory loss. Start developing your superbrain with biohacking!


Detoxing is essential for biohacking to work. In the spirit of holistic health, a detox should include both a physical aspect and a mental one. Detoxing from unhealthy foods, social media, and other stress-inducing things is imperative for biohacking to be successful.


They say the gut is the second brain, so it’s essential to take the best care of it. Biohacking the microbiome involves the use of probiotics, postbiotic metabolites, fiber, and herbs that reduce inflammation in the gut.


Anti-aging is a reality! Improving your brain health, gut health, and hormone balance are the start. From there, intermittent fasting, collagen therapy, and stem cell therapy are among the new ways to stay young.

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