Your newborn baby’s cord blood is rich in powerful stem cells that:

  • can potentially treat more than 80 diseases
  • have been used in 35,000 transplants worldwide
  • is a perfect match (100%) to your child
  • can be a match to siblings & other family members

Why Save Your Baby’s Cord Blood?

Cord blood can treat a variety of different disorders and injuries and is considered to be the cornerstone of regenerative therapies. It can be safely stored for many years offering possible future uses in yet unknown fields.

Here are the top reasons why parents choose to save their baby’s cord blood privately:

  • Recommendation by the doctor
  • Family history of disease
  • To prepare for healthy future
  • Ethnic minority / mixed race

Facts About Using Cord Blood

More than 304 children has been treated with cord blood stem cells for cerebral palsy by 2009.

More than 30 years after the 1st cord blood transplant in 1988, the patient is alive & doing well.

More than 35,000 transplants have been performed to date internationally.

47% of privately banked cord blood releases have been for use in regenerative therapies.

Since 2012, Cells4Life has released cord blood samples and cord tissue for treatment of various medical conditions.

The Cells4Life Difference

Our services are designed to provide your baby with the best possible protection for their long-term health. Here are just a few of the benefits of cord blood banking with Cells4Life:

  • HTA licensed
  • NetCord-FACT standard
  • Dual storage location
  • Multiple sample subdivisions
  • Experienced medical couriers
  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Unique collection kit
  • Year-round collection
  • Business continuity insurance


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