Cord Blood Banking FAQs

What is Cord Blood Banking?

Cord blood banking involves collecting the blood from your newborn baby’s umbilical cord in a simple, safe, and painless procedure that usually takes less than five minutes which is done right after the birth, once the umbilical cord is clamped and cut. The collected cord blood sample is then sent to the laboratory, undergoes processing and then frozen in cryogenic storage tanks for future use.

Find out why you should save your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells

What are the cord blood banking options?

Cells4Life offers the most comprehensive cord blood banking options to expecting parents:

  1. Whole Cord Blood Storage – the whole umbilical cord blood sample which captures all cell types present in the cord blood. Learn more
  2. Volume-Reduced Cord Blood Storage – which is similar to what many other cord blood storage providers in the Middle East offer, but using a different processing technology. Learn more
  3. CellsPlus Storage – our premium service powered by TotiCyte, a patented cord blood processing technology unique to Cells4Life that delivers 3 times more viable stem cells at the point of therapy than other leading technologies. Read peer-reviewed study here

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What payment options are available?
You have an option to pay via cash, cheque (for installment plans please contact us), bank transfer or credit card.
How does cord blood banking work?
  1. Call us on 04-3116613 to arrange for a meeting and sign the Storage Agreement.
  2. Pay the initial deposit and collect your Cells4Life cord blood kit.
  3. Advise your doctor/midwife that you want to collect your baby’s cord blood.
  4. Bring your cord blood kit to the hospital on the day of your delivery.
  5. Once the doctor/midwife is done collecting the cord blood sample call your Cells4Life representative.
  6. The Cells4Life representative will arrange for a sample pick up.
  7. Once the cord blood sample reaches the lab, it will be processed immediately.
  8. After a few days, you will receive a report of the initial cord blood sample testing via SMS & email.
  9. After 4-8 weeks, your official Testing Certificate, detailing the full results of cord blood sample testing will be sent to you.
  10. Your cord blood sample will remain at the Cells4Life storage labs until require for use.

* You will receive email update once a month about the latest stem cell news and other valuable information.

How long can I store my baby’s cord blood sample?

Cells4Life provides the option to store cord blood samples up to 60 years. We use a cutting-edge technology to maximise the lifespan of umbilical cord blood and tissue in storage. Samples are processed quickly using automated technology, then stored in multiple locations for added security.

Existing Cells4Life customers can now extend their storage for 5 years or more! Call us on 04-3116613 to learn more