CellsPlus powered by TotiCyte ―
a new blood separation technology exclusive to Cells4Life!

TotiCyte is a ground-breaking new cord blood separation technology approved by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) that removes 99% of the red cells in cord blood, based on a precise dilution of two solutions ‒ DMSO & Dextran ‒ which are universally used in cord blood banking and wider blood therapy arena.

TotiCyte is the highest performing cord blood processing system in the world, patented and is exclusive to Cells4Life — no other cord blood banks use the same technology. This new technology delivers 3 times more viable stem cells post thaw than any other cord blood processing technology.

This peer-reviewed publication demonstrates that TotiCyte delivers 3 times more cells at the point of treatment compared to standard industry methods.

How does TotiCyte work?

1) TotiCyte causes the red blood cells to sediment, leaving the stem cells and all other cell types, suspended in plasma.
2) The plasma and stem cells are expressed into the next processing bag, leaving 99% of the red cells behind.
3) The plasma and stem cells are gently centrifuged, which causes a layer (‘buffy coat’) of stem cells to form at the bottom of the plasma.
4) The excess plasma is removed leaving 25ml stem cell sample, which can be divided into multiple units prior to storage.

Why choose CellsPlus powered by TotiCyte?

Highest cell recovery

TotiCyte delivers 3X more viable cells

More cell types

TotiCyte delivers more types of cells

99% red cell removal

TotiCyte removes more red blood cells

» Maximum cell count

With CellsPlus, you will have 3 times more cells at the point of treatment than any other cord blood storage service. TotiCyte maximises cell count before it is frozen and more importantly, once it is thawed for transplant use.

» Multiple treatments

The more cells you have stored, the more transplants can be done. CellsPlus cord blood samples are stored in up to 6 subdivisions so you can use just a portion of the cord blood as required and keep the rest stored until needed for transplant. We also store the cord blood in two separate geographic locations in the UK for more security.

» Therapies & body weight

For many transplants, the total number of cells needed is linked to the patient’s body weight. As your baby grows into an adult, more stem cells will be required for transplant. By choosing CellsPlus, your baby’s cord blood sample will be useful throughout their whole life, not just in childhood.

Viable Cell Recovery

Post-processing recovery – the number of viable cells that are found after the cord has been processed but before it has been cryopreserved.

Post-thaw recovery – the number of viable cells found after the cord blood has been thawed and is ready for therapy.

After cord blood processing, TotiCyte recovers more stem cells than the other methods!

It is only the number of viable cells that actually matters, dead cells are not useful in regenerative medicine.

That’s why the number of stem cells recovered post-thaw really matters, since this will be the total amount of stem cells available for treatment after the cord blood sample is processed, frozen and finally prepared for treatment.

Choosing either the Industry leader or Low-cost system will result in the loss of the majority of stem cells in your baby’s cord blood; at 68% and 82% losses respectively.

TotiCyte retains 63% of your baby’s stem cells at the point of treatment!

» Improved blood type compatibility

Your baby’s stem cells are 100% match to them both at a cellular level and in terms of blood type. However, if the sample stored will be used for other family members, they will have to be checked for compatibility first.

For example, a sibling might have a 75% chance of being compatible at a cellular level but might not be a match in blood type. In this case, the sample stored will have to be ‘washed’ to remove the red cells to below 5% of the volume before the treatment, in order to reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening transfusion reaction. But the washing process will also remove some of the important stem cells therefore reducing the chance of a successful engraftment and the size of person that the sample can treat.

With CellsPlus, your baby’s cord blood sample is ready for treatment no matter what is the blood type of the patient.

Because 99.3% of red cells are removed using TotiCyte, there is no need to wash the cells before the transplant therefore preventing the loss of many important stem cells.

» More cell types are stored

Aside from stem cells, TotiCyte also preserves many rare and primitive cell types e.g. Very Small Embryonic-Like stem cells (VSELs), within the cord blood sample that will be most important for therapies in the future. By choosing CellsPlus, your child is prepared for whatever cord blood therapies may arise during their lifetime.

Customer Reviews

Well informed and well organised team. Explains everything in detail and guides you through entire process. Keeps in touch through emails and regular updates. Keeps you informed about developments in the usage of Cord Blood and what Innovations or researchers are working on. One stop shop for Cord Blood info.

Kalpesh Shah

The process with Darryn and his team was so easy and flawless that when it came to collection it went of without a hitch. Highly recommend as the best company to go with.

Stephanie Gerber

Best investment and insurance for the family. Nobody should miss out on the opportunity to leverage the future potential of science. Stem cells already has great benefits now but there is surely more to come every year that lies ahead.

Carsten Schebsdat

So happy we chose them to store our newborn at the time! Detailed information and support given before and after the collection; personalized follow-up letters and emails. The experience made us feel that our baby’s u cord and stem cells are in safe and professional ‘hands’.

Vian Al-Neyazi


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