Cells4Life Difference

Cells4Life is the only stem cell bank in Europe and Middle East to be licensed and regulated to collect, process and store cord blood, cord tissue, placental cells and amnion by both the HTA and AABB.

Benefits of Cord Blood Banking with Cells4Life

Founded by doctors

Cells4Life was founded in 2002 by Dr. Jeff Drew, initially to store his own children’s stem cells. He was aware of the potential benefits of cord blood banking and wanted to set the industry leading standards for collection, processing and long-term storage of children’s cord blood stem cells.

To date, Dr. Jeff Drew has developed, applied for and been approved more than 30 patents pertaining to the processing techniques within Cells4Life. Check out our newest service powered by a ground-breaking new blood separation technology developed by and is exclusive to Cells4Life »

Most comprehensive range of stem cell services

Cells4Life offers many types of cord blood services: Whole Blood, Volume-Reduced and CellsPlus, with the Cord Tissue, Placental Cells and Amnion Banking, which enables your child to take advantage of all the therapeutic opportunities the umbilical cord and placenta provides.

Two storage locations

To protect the cord blood samples in the event of a disaster, we store your child’s umbilical cord blood at two geographically separate locations in the UK for more security.

Multiple sample sub-divisions

We store cord blood samples in 3 to 6 separate portions (divided in two separate storage locations) so that should there be a need to use only a portion of the sample, the remaining cord blood will be stored until required for use.

Collection kit with built-in cooling system

The Cells4Life collection kit has a built-in cooling device that is activated before the sample is picked up by the courier. This helps maintain the cord blood sample in good condition (especially during summer season) while in transit to the lab.

Experienced courier for shipping

We use an experienced courier company to collect your child’s cord blood sample. This gives the reassurance that the company transporting your child’s precious sample knows how valuable they are, treating it with utmost care while getting it to our laboratory as quickly as possible.

Year-round collection

Our processing lab is open 24/7, 365 days a year – including weekends and holidays. We start testing cord blood samples as soon as they arrive at the laboratory. Upon completion, we issue you with a certificate of cord blood (and tissue) testing as well as maternal virus testing. These results are verified and signed by a medical doctor and an HTA designated individual.

HTA licensed & NetCord-FACT standard

Cells4Life is fully accredited and licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA), the UK’s regulatory body for tissue banking (license number 11083). We also meet the requirements for NetCord-FACT Accreditation, the highest standard in the cord blood industry and the accreditation held by most public banks.

Guaranteed refund

Cells4Life charges an all-inclusive fee for collection, processing and storage. If you decide not to store your sample for any reason, the all-inclusive fee will be refunded (minus any third party costs and the non-refundable deposit).

Business continuity operation

Over and above Cells4Life’s normal £10 million insurance policy, we also have additional business continuity insurance to cover the costs of moving your sample to another licensed storage facility in the unlikely event of a corporate failure.

Regular industry-related updates

We upload industry-related updates and other educational information on our blog site almost daily. We also share the benefits of cord blood banking to our social media sites and we send monthly newsletters to our valued customers.

British owned & registered
Years in business 17
Owned & licensed UK laboratories 2
Total samples stored 150,000+
Stem cell transplants 359*
Number of cord blood processing techniques 3
TotiCyte Technology (up to 3 times more cells)
CD34+ & CD45+ testing on all cord blood samples
Whole Cord Blood processing experience 20+ Years
Cord blood processing & storage
Cord tissue processing & storage
Onsite long-term storage facility for all samples
Sample stored in up to 6 separate portions for multiple use
Free sample transportation if required for treatment
Laboratory operates 24/7, 365 days a year
Up to 60 years storage options
Human Tissue Authority (HTA) license
HTA research license
ISO 13485 – pharmaceutical & cell manufacturing standard
GMP approved lab
FCA Regulated & Authorised (Financial Conduct Authority)
UK NEQAS Standard
BSI (British Standards Institution)
Lab operates at a NetCord-FACT level
Applied & granted for more than 30 patents including TotiCyte 30
Installment plans without interest or admin fees
Range of prenatal & diagnostic tests
Collection kit sent by courier 24/7, 365 days a year
Transit & relocation insurance
Both facilities & staff negligence insurance of £10 Million
Single incident insurance £1 Million

*Cord Blood, Cord Tissue and Bone Marrow stem cell transplants