Volume-Reduced Cord Blood Storage

The Cells4Life Volume-reduced cord blood storage, is similar to what many other umbilical cord stem cell storage providers in the Middle East offer, but with many very important benefits. Our Volume-reduced cord blood storage focuses on extracting the maximum number of haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) from the umbilical cord blood.

Cells4Life’s automated, computer-controlled processing system delivers the highest published cell recovery rates in the industry: 96%. Other processing methods for volume-reduced cord blood storage have been shown to recover only 81% of cells.

The Benefits of Volume-Reduced Cord Blood Storage


20% more HSCs than other volume-reduction methods

Cells4Life uses the state-of-the-art +Cell technology that ensures almost 20% more cells are retained than any other volume-reduction technology used by other umbilical cord stem cell storage providers in the GCC & UK.


MORE cells = MORE treatments

Storing the maximum numbers of HSCs means more access to future treatments and developments.


Lower cost option

Because the cord blood volume is greatly reduced, this offers the benefit of lower storage costs.


Used by the NHS, CBR & New York Cord Blood Bank

Cells4Life chose the AXP system for cord blood volume reduction because the available research has demonstrated its superiority. We only use the world’s best technology and best practices when processing and storing the umbilical cord stem cells. The companies using the same technology are:

  • Cord Blood Registry (CBR) – the largest private cord blood bank in the US
  • New York Cord Blood Bank – the largest single public cord blood bank in the US
  • NHS – UK National Health Service


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