Customer Testimonials

What Parents Say About Cord Blood Banking with Cells4Life

“If you are a soon-to-be parent, our advice is don’t procrastinate or think twice over making a decision. You never know the exact date of the birth and if you reach that day without having arranged for a piece of the umbilical cord to be collected and stored your chance is gone forever to be able to make a huge difference in your child’s life…. because you never know what can happen!!”
Daryll & Angelique

“Dealing with Cells4life was a pleasure, from making the appointment, and asking all the random questions you never think of before investigating blood and tissue storage, to collection and receiving certification. This is an insurance policy that I hope we never need but is one of the best things we have done for our daughter.”

“My name is Deena Philip. I have been connected to Cells4Life for the past four years. I am happy at the quick and responsible attitude that has always been adopted by you. At the time of delivery, the collection of the cord went really smooth and that’s a great relief. Thanks for the continuous updates on research and discoveries as well!”
Deena Philip

“Despite having gone through an emergency c section and delivering past midnight, the sales lady still showed up to pick up the cord which brought an amazing peace of mind.”

“I went into labour unexpectedly at 32 weeks with my twins. I had not had time to finalise the paperwork for the collection of the cord blood. We called the company representative and he arranged for the equipment to be delivered to the hospital immediately at 11pm, in time to do the collection for both babies. Thank you!”

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