Cells4Life Lab in Dubai

Welcome to our state-of-the-art Cord Blood Lab in Dubai, where cutting-edge technology meets the promise of a healthier future. Take a quick virtual tour by watching the video below:

In compliance with UAE government regulations, our recently inaugurated Cord Blood Lab in Dubai presents an exclusive opportunity for parents to store their newborn’s cord blood locally, ensuring seamless adherence to regulatory standards and the utmost convenience in safeguarding precious health resources.

Everything about our service has been designed with one purpose in mind – to ensure the long-term health protection of your child. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing our cord blood lab to store your newborn baby’s stem cells.

Regulatory Approval

Cells4Life is the first UK Cord Blood Bank licensed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to collect, process, and store cord blood samples in Dubai. Our regional headquarters is in the UAE, licensed by Dubai Healthcare City.

Patented Technology

Our CellsPlus premium service is powered by TotiCyte – a patented cord blood separation technology that preserves up to 3 times more viable stem cells for future treatments than any other similar technology. Learn more

Comprehensive Service

Cells4Life provides a full range of storage services: cord blood, cord tissue + vessel, placental cells, and amnion, allowing you to store the maximum number of stem cells for more treatment opportunities in the future.

Specialised Handling

Cord blood samples are efficiently collected from hospitals by our trained staff, ensuring their safe transport to our lab in Dubai. We also use a temperature-controlled vehicle to help maintain the cord blood samples’ viability during transportation.

Robust Storage

Every piece of laboratory equipment is electronically monitored and has an integrated backup system. Our 2-ton nitrogen storage tank is the largest to have been imported into the UAE. We also store the cord blood samples in multiple subdivisions.

Timely Processing

Cord blood samples collected in the UAE are promptly processed upon arrival at the Cells4Life lab in Dubai. Our trained lab staff performs rigorous testing on the cord blood samples and we provide a detailed testing certificate as a proof of cord blood storage.

Why save your newborn baby’s cord blood at birth?

Cord blood is rich in valuable stem cells that can transform into any kind of specialised cell, depending on what the body needs. That’s what makes them so valuable.

In 1988, the first successful cord blood transplant was performed in Paris by Dr. Eliane Gluckman to a young boy with Fanconi anemia – a genetic and potentially life-threatening type of anemia.

Saving your baby’s cord blood means they have a personal supply of stem cells on standby. It’s their perfect biological match, so there’s no risk that their body will reject the cells and there is no wait to find a suitable donor.



Our premium service, CellsPlus is powered by TotiCyte, a patented technology exclusive to Cells4Life.

  • Found to be the highest performing cord blood processing system when tested in a published, peer-reviewed head-to-head study.
  • TotiCyte delivers 2.2 to 3 times more stem cells at the point of therapy than other similar technologies.

Who can benefit from my baby’s cord blood?

  • Cord blood is 100% match to your baby
  • 25% chance of a perfect match to siblings
  • Parents are a partial match

Steps to Cord Blood Banking: