apr22-Creative Ways to Entertain Your Kids Staying at Home

With the kids at home for the foreseeable future, we need to get creative when it comes to keeping them busy. You don’t want them to be bored when you get the same activities out again and again during the day.  However, thinking of new ideas is harder than you think. That is why we have found 5 creative ways to entertain your kids staying at home due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), perfect for sparking their imagination and boosting their creative skills.

1. Decorate cookies or muffins

Cooking is always a great activity to do with the kids. As well as teaching them some life skills, it’s a fun and creative activity that will let them explore different colours. Bake up some simple muffins or cookies that have plenty of space for decoration. You can then get some different coloured icing, some toppings like hundreds and thousands or chocolate buttons and let your children have a blast. It’s bound to improve their creative and baking skills.

2. Create a puppet show

A puppet show is a creative and fun way to spend a few hours with the kids. If your kids haven’t got a stage already, you can make one out of a cardboard box with lots of easy tutorials on YouTube. You can then work with your children to cut out some characters, letting them colour in and design the figures. They can then put on a show for you, either choosing a familiar story they love or let them work on their creative writing skills by thinking up a story.




3. Write a letter for grandparents

A lot of children are sad they are not getting to see their grandparents during the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, why not get creative by letting them write a letter to their loved ones. They can fill the page with stickers and drawings as well as telling them about what they have been up to. Your kids will love making something creative to send and their grandparents will be delighted to receive it.

4. Put on a treasure hunt for them

Let them go play while you design a fun treasure hunt for them around the house and garden. You can hide various things and then create clues to help them find them. It will keep them busy for ages if you do manage to hide a few things. And they will love searching the house for the items. You could always put a treat at the end such as a chocolate bar for completing the treasure hunt.

5. Have an indoor picnic

You might not be able to take them to the park, but why not have a picnic at your home. You can still enjoy a picnic in your living room. Let them help you prepare all the healthy food for the picnic and then get a blanket which you can all sit on and enjoy your lunch. It will make lunchtime even more special and they can help tidy up afterwards.

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