Customer Testimonials

What Parents Say About Cord Blood Banking with Cells4Life

If you are a soon-to-be parent, our advice is don’t procrastinate or think twice over making a decision. You never know the exact date of the birth and if you reach that day without having arranged for a piece of the umbilical cord to be collected and stored your chance is gone forever to be able to make a huge difference in your child’s life…. because you never know what can happen!!

Daryll & Angelique

I went into labour unexpectedly at 32 weeks with my twins. I had not had time to finalise the paperwork for the collection of the cord blood. We called the company representative and he arranged for the equipment to be delivered to the hospital immediately at 11pm, in time to do the collection for both babies. Thank you!


We found Cells4Life to be extremely professional, courteous, punctual and responsive to our requests for information. The testing and analysis was swift and comprehensive and everything was explained thoroughly to us. We definitely have peace of mind that our baby’s samples are being handled by the right company.


Dealing with Cells4life was a pleasure, from making the appointment, and asking all the random questions you never think of before investigating blood and tissue storage, to collection and receiving certification. This is an insurance policy that I hope we never need but is one of the best things we have done for our daughter.


We contacted Darren Keast of Cells4Life in Dubai a month before our baby boy was born. Darren came over to our house and explained the process of collecting, transporting and storing the cord blood, and also patiently answered all our questions. Their collection and storage process was very prompt and we received a confirmation and certificates.


Darryn made my life quiet easy by taking away my worry about the whole procedure. I had loads of queries and not once did he make me feel that I was disturbing him. I am so happy with him that I’ve been recommending him to all of my friends who are planning a baby. C4L is the first insurance I’ve taken for my baby girl Saya and I feel protected.


I have been connected to Cells4Life for the past four years. I am happy at the quick and responsible attitude that has always been adopted by you. At the time of delivery, the collection of the cord went really smooth and that’s a great relief. Thanks for the continuous updates on research and discoveries as well!

Deena Philip

We used Cells4Life when our daughter was born and thought the service was great. We like getting the updates that inform us of all the developments in medical world. It has confirmed for us that it was the right decision to use cord blood baking. We sincerely hope to never need it, but feel secure in the knowledge that it is in a safe place.


We have tried another company for our first baby and we were happy, but I must say that with Cells4Life we have had a much better experience so far… Very professional and very much customer oriented. The response of the representative was excellent