Customer Testimonials

What Parents Say About Cord Blood Banking with Cells4Life

“We contacted Darren Keast of Cells4Life in Dubai a month before our baby boy was born. Darren came over to our house and explained the process of collecting, transporting and storing the cord blood, and also patiently answered all our questions. Their collection and storage process was very prompt and we received a confirmation and certificates.”

“The representatives were very knowledgeable and patient with my questions before we agreed to purchase the service. Scheduling pick up was simple, and we were updated regularly throughout the delivery and processing.”

“The decision to go for stem cells storage and cord blood collection was at the very last minute – during labour! The responsiveness and assistance of the representative was outstanding. The follow-up was also great. Keep it up!”
Jean A.

“We used Cells4Life when our daughter was born and thought the service was great. We like getting the updates that inform us of all the developments in medical world. It has confirmed for us that it was the right decision to use cord blood baking. We sincerely hope to never need it, but feel secure in the knowledge that it is in a safe place.”

“We want our baby to be a happy healthy child throughout her life and by storing the stem cells and cord tissue; we have given her the best opportunity to fight some serious illnesses should they occur in the future. We thank Cells4Life for educating us on the importance of stem cells and cord tissue banking.”

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