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What Parents Say About Cord Blood Banking with Cells4Life

“As a family who move around quite a bit, we found Cells4Life so easy to deal with anywhere we are. We’re very happy that the stem cells are stored in our home country and everything from start to finish was extremely easy! We’ve dealt with other companies in other countries and would place cells4Life high above those! Thank you!”

“Have used them twice. Reasonable pricing and the service and customer care are great too. A very important matter for all parents who wish to do this for their children and you want someone you can trust and they are trustworthy. Even though my second delivery with twins was a surprise as they came early, everything was done timely by them.”

“Cells4Life left a very professional impression with us right from the start when we picked up their brochure at our doctor’s. Later on, when we reached out to them, their responsiveness and service were just superb. We are confident that our baby’s precious cells could not be in better hands. Many thanks to Darryn & the team!”

“I was not aware of this service and when I was approached by the representative person and explained the benefits of this service it made my life a lot better knowing that I could protect my son’s future, a big thank you!”

“Cells4Life made the process incredibly stress-free and they fit in seamlessly with our timetable, or rather, the timetable suggested by our daughter, without question. Obviously, we were all very busy and Cells4Life simply arrived, did what they had to do, offered congratulations, and left. Thank you very much.”

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