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The CUB can be used with only the top chamber inflated to increase its versatility.


The CUB is ergonomically designed to promote comfort & stability.


A safety feature designed to prevent total deflation if one chamber is punctured.

What is the Comfortable Upright Birth (CUB) support?

The CUB is a modern innovation of the traditional birth stool and the widely used birth ball. Its innovative design supports all of the advantages of an active labour and an upright position for birth. Lightweight, adaptable, comfortable and easy to clean, it needs no special equipment and can be used in any environment. The CUB is a simple, easy to use invention that can help to decrease common obstetric complications, reducing emergency intervention and caesarean section rates.
Watch a short video on the benefits of remaining upright and mobile during labour and birth:

What does the research say about being upright during labour & birth?

What does CUB support do and where can it be used?

The CUB comfortably supports the mother in an optimal, but adaptable upright position throughout labour and birth; giving her and her baby an increased opportunity to achieve a safer, easier and more comfortable birth. Active and spontaneous position changes are facilitated and supported by the CUB making upright positions including sitting, kneeling, all fours and squatting easier to achieve.

The CUB can be used in hospitals, homebirths or in a birth centre. Lightweight and portable the CUB can be moved to wherever it is needed quickly and easily, helping to maintain an upright position for birth wherever you are.

Watch a short demonstration on how to use the CUB support as well as how to clean and store it after use:

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