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After learning what the body and mind of a baby goes through during the first to three months and from seven to nine months of their life, this is the last chapter in this series on developmental milestones. Our baby describes the important stages of growth in the ten months leading up to their first birthday…

At 10 Months Old

baby-10-months.pngI’m getting better all the time at putting food directly into my mouth and at moving around on my knees. I can pull myself up to standing if I hold onto some furniture and if I let go I manage to stand all on my own for a few seconds before falling. I’m gaining confidence but I’m not ready to walk just yet. I’m understanding many more words now and beginning to formulate some of my own like ‘mama’ and ‘dada’. I’m starting to understand the links between things such as pushing a ball with my hands to make it move and banging toys together to make sounds. I adore books and I have my favourites that I take comfort from having read to me over and over again. I tend to make a mess as I move from one exciting toy to another and I’m starting to copy things my parents do like talking into their phones. My motor skills are still improving and I amaze myself when I manage to hold more than one toy at a time. Sometimes I’m so happy learning all these new things that I don’t like to be put into my buggy or the car and I’m very vocal about demonstrating my unhappiness.


At 11 Months Old

baby-11-months.pngAs I approach my first birthday, I’m reaching more growth milestones and development goals and I’m becoming my own person. As my desire to explore gets even stronger, I sometimes ignore what my parents and carers are asking me to do so that I can concentrate on what it is I’m playing with. I understand what the word ‘no’ means but my desire to do the opposite is often too strong to stop. I’m showing more signs that I’m getting ready to walk, I’m cruising much faster between furniture and people to hold on to and can’t wait to get to interesting and exciting places quicker.


At 12 Months Old

baby-12-months.pngSo here I am, I’m one whole year! I’ve reached so many growth and development milestones in the past 12 months, and I’m almost at one of the most major. I’ve stopped holding on for support once I’ve pulled myself up to standing and I’ve taken my first few steps! Some of my friends have already started walking more confidently and I’m not far behind them. I’ve added a few more words to my vocabulary, I’m communicating much more and often sit talking away to myself as I play. I can be a little boisterous at times as I process all the sensory information constantly presented to me and I love making a mess. But as it’s my first birthday, I think I’m allowed.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our developmental stories. Do your baby milestones sound similar to the ones of the baby in our story?