As your child grows up, they’re attitudes, likes and dislikes are all going to change, this includes their behaviour as well. It may also be that you find your relationship isn’t as close as it once was, and although it’s important that your child discovers their own independence, it’s still important to maintain a strong bond with your child. This article is going to look at some top tips for nurturing that bond with your tween.

Treat them like an adult

This could include everything from getting your child a job, to talking to them like an adult. Showing them the respect they feel like they deserve will ensure that they respect you in return and will also help to stave off the bad behaviour than can often accompany this age.

Allowing them bigger responsibilities around the house is a great place to start and will help them to feel more grown up. This can also help to instil a good work ethic which will benefit them later in life.

Make time for them

Designate time for family. Find a common interest that you all share and then make time to do that activity together. This could include going to the cinema, playing a board game, maybe even playing on the PlayStation or Xbox.

An outgoing activity that involves the whole family will be sure to help you bond with your tween. That doesn’t mean you have to do everything together all of the time, time alone and with friends is just as important.

Make yourself available

Where your child was once so dependent, the tween years bring with them a whole new desire for independence which means you’re going to need to give them space. This is very hard for some parents as it can be difficult to sacrifice the control you’ve previously had on their lives.

This is easily combatted by making yourself available. Allowing your child a certain amount of freedom allows them to explore who they are but by being available, you let them know that you’re always there for them when they need you most. This is one of the most effective ways to bond with your tween as it doesn’t make them feel like you’re being too involved in their lives.

Let them teach you

With an ever-changing world and more technological advancements than ever before, it’s likely that your child is going to know a thing or two that you don’t. Whether this is how to play a certain games console, or what the latest tween craze is, ask them to share something with you.

With a tendency to want to control their lives, by encouraging them to teach you something, you’re able to bond with your tween by understanding their point of view. This also opens up the lines of communications as a parent who’s interested instead of a parent who’s trying to take over their life.

It can often be frustrating to watch your little angel grow into an independent child who fights back your affections. Maintaining a strong bond is the best way to make it through these hormone-fuelled years.