Cells4Life provides your family with the best cord blood stem cell banking services with our range of packages.

Both our Platinum and Gold packages start from collecting the available blood from the umbilical cord.  The main difference between the packages is how the sample is stored once the blood is received at the laboratory.

The Cells4Life Gold Service (Volume-Reduced Storage) focuses on extracting the maximum number of haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) from the umbilical cord blood. Cells4Life’s automated, computer-controlled processing system delivers the highest published cell recovery rates in the industry: 96%. Other processing methods have been shown to recover only 81% of cells.

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The Cells4Life Platinum Service (Whole Cord Blood Storage) cryopreserves every stem cell type found in cord blood. This means that you and your family will have the full range of stem cells available to you for future medical breakthroughs in this rapidly changing field of medicine. Cells4Life are the only company in the Middle East to offer this superior service.

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Below is a chart showing the types of stem cells captured and their uses for each service: