DEC31 - 5 Simple Yet Meaningful Ways to Celebrate the New Year with Family

It has been said that the New Year gives us a chance to start again on a new slate.  It is for this reason that it is the most celebrated holiday throughout the world.  

The key to having a wonderful New Year celebration is to simplify things and focus on what is important. Just consider what you love about the holidays and ignore what feels mandatory. This article seeks to provide you with 5 simple yet meaningful ways to celebrate the New Year with family.

Have a slumber party

This is ideal if you will be spending the holidays with a family.  Remove all the furniture from the living room area; bring the mattresses or sleeping bags. To make the room more interesting, add some colourful throw pillows. Make sure that you get enough snacks for everyone. You can also watch a movie.  In light of Covid-19 restrictions, the slumber party should only be for the family. 

Countdown bags

Before the New Year celebrations, purchase or make small bags that you can fill with different goodies like sweets, craft kits, chocolates, etc. You can get the bags based on the number of people in the house and how early you want to start opening them. The bags should be opened at different hours as you count down to the New Year. Remember to sanitize everything[1].

Set New Year resolutions

Set your New Year resolution and leave all the sadness and disappointments of the past year behind. As a family, setting resolutions allows you to start the New Year with renewed energy and great thoughts. You can then hold each other accountable throughout the coming year.  Make sure that the resolutions are realistic and ones you can follow through with.[2]

Karaoke and dance party

You can pull out your karaoke machine or the app then sing your favorite songs from the year that’s just ending.  You’re also free to sing songs from other years and incorporate some dancing.  Put your best foot forward in terms of dance moves and all.

Reflect, Remove, Reclaim.

Go through every corner of your house and evaluate what is no longer useful and needs to be thrown away or given to charity.  Make plans on how those items will be removed from your house. Reclaim the space and make it your own. At the same time, you can rearrange other rooms in the house as you make use of the new space you just reclaimed.  You can also reflect on the past year and the path that had brought you to the New Year as a family.