Aug 10 - Old Man Says Stem Cell Therapy Changed His Life

Five years ago, 79-year-old Darryl Brewer was living an active life which included at least an hour of walking each day. Unfortunately, he gradually began to experience back pain, which was caused by the discs in his back deteriorating. Eventually, Darryl was in so much pain that he could barely move, let alone go for a walk.

Increasingly desperate for some pain relief, Darryl decided to learn more about stem cell therapies by attending a seminar at a clinic in Penticton. At the seminar, he discovered that an Idaho-based clinic was providing stem cell treatments for people suffering from chronic pain.

Although he was due to have back surgery later in the year, Darryl’s pain was so bad that he needed to find a treatment immediately. He decided to travel to Idaho for a consultation.

As Darryl explained: “I got up one morning and I couldn’t walk at all. So I decided to follow up the seminar with a consultation, which they paid for. I traveled to Idaho. They put me up in a hotel and then I consulted with them the following day.”

The doctor explained to Darryl that this particular stem cell therapy does not always work, but if it did, it could dramatically reduce his pain levels. Darryl decided to go ahead with the treatment.

Stem cells were injected into the parts of Darryl’s back that were causing the most pain. Much to Darryl’s surprise, his pain levels dramatically decreased within 3 days. He was still experiencing some discomfort, but it was minor compared to the pain he had previously.

Darryl described his stem cell treatment: “The treatment is so simple that it is mind boggling. They inject you with stem cells. They buy stem cells from the labs, remove the DNA from them and then introduce them back into me. Because they have no DNA, there is no possibility of rejection.”

Stem cell therapies like the one Darryl received are not approved in Canada, so traveling for treatment was Darryl’s only option. Darryl is incredibly grateful that his stem cell treatment was such a success and that he can get back to enjoying his life.

Source: Okanagan man says stem cell therapy changed his life