As your stomach grows, there are going to be a number of things that are not as easy as they once were. Things like walking long distances, picking up something that’s been dropped or being on your feet all day. But as well as things you can’t do, there are a number of things that you shouldn’t do that are more of a health risk for both you and baby. Whilst everyone will be keen to make the most of the summer and be involved in summer activities, here are 8 activities you should definitely avoid if you are pregnant.

Amusement parks and water slides

Theme parks on their own are fine, it’s the roller coasters that you need to be avoiding. Likewise, if you go to a water park, water slides are a big no-no and can cause a lot of traumatic damage and create a number of problems. It’s not worth putting your or baby at risk so simply stay clear.

Contact sports

This one probably goes without saying, but contact sports such as rugby or American football should definitely be avoided. Any form of high impact contact could cause irreparable damage or even lead to miscarriage.


Whilst everyone wants to make the most of the summer sun, sunbathing is something all pregnant women should avoid. Not only is bad for your skin, but prolonged exposure to the sun can have a bigger impact on your pregnancy than you realise. If you are going out in the sun, remember to wear a high factor sun screen.


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Horse riding

Horse riding almost falls into the same category as roller coasters. The jolting movement of horseback riding can cause a number of issues with your pregnancy, including miscarriage, so it’s best to avoid.

Water sports

Although water sports aren’t considered overly dangerous, they are an adrenaline sport that often requires falling off surfboards and skis and so is a big no for those who are pregnant.

Hot tubs and saunas

After a long stressful day, there’s nothing nicer than relaxing in a hot tub but the heat in these environments can cause severe birth defects in babies caused by overheating. It’s still okay to take a bath, but be mindful of the temperature and check what’s safe with your doctor.

Major home improvements

As you can imagine, major home renovations are a disaster waiting to happen. There are ladders to consider, health and safety hazards and physical labour involved, not to mention the chemicals that come in paints, glue and varnishes amongst other products, all of which can be harmful to mum and baby.

Heavy lifting

Although this could be put in the same category as major home improvements, it’s worth highlighting the issues associated with heavy lifting and the impact they can have on a pregnancy. Not only will you need to reserve your strength, and likely be feeling tired towards the end of your third trimester, heavy lifting can increase the risk of a miscarriage or create complications.