Buying what you need for your newborn baby can easily get out of hand. With friends and families buying this, that, and the other, you can soon be drowning in accessories. But which basics do you actually need? We’re going to look at 10 basics every parent should buy for their newborn.

A crib

Unless you’re planning on having a family bed, you’re going to need a crib. A bassinet cradle or a three-sided cot attached to your bed and are great options if you want to start off small. Not all cribs come with a mattress, so you’ll need to buy this separately, but make sure that it meets the current safety requirements.


Once you have your crib, you’ll need a couple of crib sheets, some lightweight blankets and a quilted mattress pad to make it a comfortable and cosy sleeping environment. Be sure to read up on current sleeping safety guidelines as this can be incredibly important for reducing the risk of SIDS.


You’re going to need a large number of diapers to start with – expect to be making between 70 and 90 changes a week until they’re about six weeks old. This means you’ll also need a changing mat, some baby wipes for cleaning during a change and diaper rash or ointment cream, too.


It can be easy to go overboard when buying clothing for your newborn, but here’s a list of the essentials:

  • 8 x all-in-one suits – many newborns won’t wear much else.
  • 6 x vests
  • 1 x cardigan
  • 1 x coat or all-in-one suit for cold weather
  • 1 x warm and cosy hat

Baby tub

You’ll need a baby tub for bath time. The ones that are sloped with a foam pad inside are ideal. You will also need some newborn shampoo, bath towels, a few wash cloths and some nail clippers or scissors.

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Car seat

A rear-facing car seat is a must. One that can double up as a carrier is ideal, and some will even snap into a stroller frame to minimise baby’s disruption.

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Feeding equipment

If you’re breastfeeding then you’re likely to need a breast pump, some feeding bras and breast pads.

If you are bottle feeding, and even for those who are breastfeeding, you’ll need bottles, teats, a steriliser and bottle brushes for cleaning.

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A good stroller that suits your purpose is important. It needs to be easily collapsible when you’re juggling multiple things, easy to assemble if you’re out on your own and easy to steer. A flat surface is ideal for newborns so they can lie down.

Changing bag

It may not seem like a necessity but you’re going to need a changing bag for when you’re out and about. It needs to be big enough to contain all your necessities for the baby but if you can find one that easily attaches to your stroller, this will make your life a lot easier.

Muslin squares

Muslin squares are a newborn parent’s lifesaver and are ideal for mopping up a bit of dribble, but also provide a nice soft surface to rest your baby’s head.