When it comes to having your first child it can be a daunting time. You can think that you are all alone and that you are going to struggle. Fortunately with social media and the internet then others in the same position as yourself can easily be found. We look at some of the best online communities for mums-to-be in the UAE.

Dubai Mother and Baby Club, Facebook

This group has been around since early 2013. It is a fun place for mums and mums-to-be that are in and around the Dubai area. This is an active place with nearly 10,000 members and will see regular updates from the team behind it. The group is a closed one, so you will need to apply to be able to join it. Once you have joined you will be able to chat with members and make posts about events going on in the area.

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Expat Woman

This is a fully developed website and blog that has a thriving community to go along with it. It is all about women that have relocated to one of the target countries. The Dubai side of things is very well fleshed out with many different articles and information targets at women living in Dubai. There are areas with classified ads and forums where you can post questions. They also hold several events in the area which you can attend.

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Real Mums of Dubai, Facebook

This is another Facebook group for mums and mums-to-be in Dubai and aims to be the number one social platform for that group. To join you need to answer three questions and once you have done that you are in. As a member, you can ask questions, vent frustrations, and share pearls of wisdom with other members. As well as sharing a giggle or two with other members.

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Dubai Mums

This is a well-developed site which is focused in all-around mums in Dubai. The forums, in particular, are well used and supported and provide the perfect place for your questions or concerns that can be addressed by other users of the site. Whether it is specific questions around pregnancy, or you just want to share cooking tips, then you will find your answers. Elsewhere on the site there are reviews and features of different parts of Dubai life and culture and will showcase some of the events and places that are great for mums.

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Abu Dhabi Woman

This is a message board and forum that is geared towards women in Abu Dhabi. There are separate areas where you can make posts on many topics, and see what others have to say. There is also a thriving online market place for buying and selling items. There is a specific area that is dedicated to questions surrounding pregnancy and women’s health. This is alongside events and other activities that are taking place throughout the Abu Dhabi area. It also has a great education area for those mums looking to learn new skills and experience.

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