Sep 13 - Baby First Bath Tips

It can be scary when you have a new baby and have to care for this tiny little bundle. They are so fragile and uncertain of the world and sometimes as a new mother, this can make you even more nervous. Here are some tips for your baby’s first bath:

The Right Bathtub

You may have gotten a baby bathtub before your little one arrived and that’s great, but does it look very comfy? You may want to put a folded towel in the bottom of the tub, so that your baby won’t be slipping and sliding around. Some tubs come with little hammock-like attachments and those are great too. Remember, your baby has no balance and can’t sit up, so you will have to support them with one hand, while gently washing with the other.

WARM Water

Make sure your little one’s water is very warm, but not too warm. This is difficult as well because you have to make sure it is the perfect temperature. One way to test the water is with the underside of your wrist. You will be able to tell if it is too hot. Not making it warm enough could make your baby cold and that will cause a lot more distress for your little one.


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Speak softly

You should talk to your baby during this time, so that they know you are still there and comforting them. Soft, soothing words can really lower baby’s stress level. Talk them through it even if they are screaming at the top of their lungs (which is what most babies do). You don’t want to make this a traumatic experience, or your baby may not like bath time in the future. Remember, it will take your baby awhile to get used to the bath.

Use slow, steady movement

If your baby is naked and out in the open, they already feel insecure and will probably cry, which in turn makes you nervous. Then, you start to move quickly to get it over with and that can make your baby feel even more stressed. If your baby is crying, it’s ok. Imagine learning and feeling all these new things. They may be cold and scared. Moving quickly is not a good idea with a slippery newborn. Move slow and steady and that will give your baby more confidence that there is nothing to worry about, and that bath time is not a bad thing!

Use the right soap

When giving your little one a bath, you want to be sure that you are using bath soap that isn’t harsh. Some soap has a lot of ingredients that will irritate his or her skin. Some can make their skin oily. A mild head to toe baby wash is perfect. These types of soaps are usually marked with a tear-free logo. With a newborn baby, you do not need that much soap at all.