DEC24 - 7 Tips for Keeping Your Newborn Baby Healthy During Holidays

Any new parent looks forward to introducing their newborn baby to the rest of the family members and the holiday season provides them with that opportunity.  While this is a good time to have family over, it can be exhausting for new parents who could still be adjusting to having a baby around.  Newborn babies don’t have a strong immune system and at a time when the world is dealing with a coronavirus pandemic, most parents are worried about protecting the baby from infection.

The holidays can be overwhelming for any parents with a newborn as they try to balance taking care of the baby and enjoying the holidays. Keep reading for 7 tips to help you enjoy the holidays with your newborn while remaining safe.

Practice self-care

All of us tend to want to do everything by ourselves during the holiday season and when you have a newborn this can be exhausting.  For you to be able to enjoy the holidays, delegate some responsibilities, shop online early enough for all your supplies, and don’t be afraid to order some pre-cooked meals. 

Keep the baby close

Keeping the baby close to you or your partner will help not miss any feeding times. To avoid germs, ensure that the baby is not being passed around too much as it is the norm during holidays. Keeping the newborn close will also ensure that the baby does not become overstimulated with all the noise and holiday lights all around the house.  You can wear the baby in a carrier which will allow you to keep him close and still be able to do the things you need to do[1].

Take extra care of hygiene

Since most people are indoors and the weather is cold, most people including babies are likely to get infected with holiday-related diseases. Ensure that you observe good hygiene, practice regular hand washing, and be vigilant about sanitizer use before anyone holds the baby. Don’t shy away from also letting any family member who is unwell know that they are not allowed to visit until they are well.


If you have to travel for the holiday season, book the early morning flight and make it a direct one.  Using a connecting flight means that you sit in airports and experience flight delays which will lengthen the journey and expose you and your newborn.  Since newborns need a lot of gear, send some of the gear ahead so that you won’t have so much luggage to worry about.

Keep it simple   

A newborn is an added responsibility and there’s a high chance that you don’t have enough time to do everything you need to do. Don’t be afraid to drop some activities that you engaged in in the holidays before having a baby.  Instead of hosting people at your house, host a virtual party when the baby is awake.  Don’t pressurize yourself since the newborn needs your attention.  Leave the parties for a time when the baby is older and the coronavirus pandemic is under control.

Make memories

This is the first holiday that you will celebrate with your newborn and so it’s important to make it count.  Even though the baby is too young to comprehend want is happening take lots of photos, that you will put in their album and show them when they’re older.

Be sensible

Most importantly, be sensible. The holiday season has a lot of activities and when you throw in diaper changes, feeding times, and lack of sleep then it becomes worse. It’s up to you to decide want makes sense to you and what doesn’t; you don’t have to go by any rule book.