DEC17 - 8 Tips for a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy During the Winter Season

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in any woman’s life.  However, it makes a woman’s body sensitive and more prone to getting affected by conditions that can harm her and the baby. While there’s no evidence that a pregnant woman can get seriously ill from coronavirus, pregnant women have been put on the list of those that are vulnerable[1].  Pregnancy puts a woman at risk of viruses like the coronavirus and flu. Cold weather heightens this risk.  

This article seeks to provide you with 8 tips for a safe and healthy pregnancy during the winter season.

Wear the right clothes

Since the temperatures are low during winter, it is important to dress in warm clothes.  Exposing your body to the cold can make you fall sick which can be harmful to both you and your baby.  While you can be tempted to wear your normal coats, wearing the appropriate winter wear will keep you feeling cozy and warm. You can also dress in layers so that you can take some off when it becomes warmer.

Drink enough water

Because of the low temperatures during the winter season, most people avoid taking water, and this is not a good thing for a pregnant woman.  The body needs more water during winter than at any other time because the air is dry. Coconut water and other healthy fruit juices like strawberry juice, beetroot juice, and guava juice among others can also be used to hydrate the body[2].  Other than the ones mentioned, don’t use other drinks in place of water as they would not be beneficial.

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Get vaccinated for the flu

The Centres for Disease Control (CDC) recommend that all pregnant mothers get vaccinated for the flu since pregnancy compromises their immune system making them susceptible to the flu[3].  The vaccine will protect you and your little one from the dangers of the flu.

Regular hand washing

One of the recommended ways of protecting ourselves from the coronavirus is through regular hand washing.  This is more important for a pregnant woman this is more important as it is one of the best ways to avoid germs. Always use soap and running water to wash your hands and if you’re far away from a sink, use a sanitizer instead.

Stay indoors as much as possible

Since pregnancy makes one more susceptible to diseases, staying for long outdoors in extreme weather is harmful to you and your baby.  Limit where possible all outdoor activities and engagements so that you can protect yourself and your little one. 

Take good care of your skin

As a result of the hormonal changes your body goes through, your skin becomes dry and it becomes worse during the winter season.  Dry skin is flaky and itchy and should therefore need special care.  Take warm baths and moisturize immediately when the pores are still open so that the skin can absorb the moisturizer better. Pay more attention to your belly, elbows, hands, and chest.

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Watch your diet

As a pregnant woman, your immunity is already compromised making you vulnerable to catching all the diseases associated with the cold months.  To help boost your immunity and be able to fight diseases, incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet. They will also help you stay hydrated.

Do regular exercise

The cold winter weather makes it difficult for one to engage in any form of exercise. The cold air makes the lungs feel like they are full of air and the feeling is worse for a pregnant woman.  Since it’s not advisable to go outside in cold weather, you can do some indoor exercises such as yoga or indoor swimming. Staying fit and healthy is good for your pregnancy.