Being stuck inside our own homes with limited access to activities has been one of the hardest parts of the whole Covid-19 lockdown. For the first part it was easy enough to think of ways to entertain our kids, but, as the time has gone on, it has got harder and harder.

Harder to find ways to be active, harder to find ways to stay fit and healthy. Not only for us as adults, but also for our kids too.

If you are a parent who is struggling to encourage their kids to be active during home quarantine, then you might want to take a look through our top tips on how to keep them moving in a safe way.

Have a routine

Routines might sound a little boring, but the truth is, when you have kids, keeping to a routine is a sure-fire way to get things done. If a child knows what is happening and when it is going to happen; then they are much more likely to be receptive to it and want to do it.

Find a new way to work out

Bored of always doing the same activities? If you are then you might need to think about some new ways to exercise and work out. Of course, it is hard due to the fact that we are all limited as to what we can do and where we can do it. But there are plenty of ways that we can think of brand-new ways to get active.


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Ask them what they want to do

If you are finding that your child isn’t keen to get active, then maybe the ideas that you have put together for them are not what they enjoy doing. It is a much better idea to ask them what they want to do. Not only will they feel that they are a part of the planning, but being able to put their own ideas forward means that you are likely to find something that they are going to enjoy doing.

Make it fun

If something isn’t fun, then there is not much chance that you are going to want to do it. So, this means that it is important to do what you can to make things fun. Play games, run around, dance and sing. Whatever it takes to get you all active as well as get you all laughing, which is the ideal combination.

You should never underestimate the importance of being active during lockdown. So, for as long as it lasts, we hope that these tips will help you to do what you can to get up and moving. Just like with many things during lockdown, the main thing to do is to stop putting pressure on yourself and your family. Instead, take things a day at a time, and focus on making sure that we are all smiling and happy.