Keep Your Kids Safe in Pools During the Covid-19

With so many restrictions placed on all our lives due to Covid-19, parents around the world are trying to find alternative ways to keep their children entertained, ways that they may not normally use. This includes getting out the pool in the back garden, or perhaps visiting a local community pool so that they can have the chance to splash around and have some fun.

As parents, our child’s safety and health is our main concern; which means that we are going to want to protect them the best that we can. This may feel tricky to do during a global pandemic, but there are plenty of ways that we can keep them safe.

To help you to understand what things to do; we have put together our guide on how to keep your kids safe in pools during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pool safety during Covid-19

When it comes to Covid-19, one of the main things to remember about pools is that they are quite safe. If they are managed with chlorine or bromine, then they are going to be clean. Therefore, there is a low chance that any illness, virus or disease, could be passed within the water.

Whilst the water is not a concern, the way that children interact with others could be. It is important that you remind your child and any other children that they may be interacting with, that they need to be aware of social distancing. They need to keep their distance from one another and avoid being in too close a proximity.

Not only this, but they should also sanitise their hands as much as they can. Either by washing them or using hand sanitiser if washing them is not an option.


If you are going to a public pool and you are worried about it being too busy to be able to distance; then avoid peak times. Find out from the pool when they see the least people and go then. This will not only help you to feel more relaxed but will also allow you to have some space whilst you splash around too.

It is also a good idea to shower before you enter the pool and when you leave the pool as this will help to cut down the transfer of anything.


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General pool safety

Not only should you be aware of the ways that you can keep your kids safe whilst they are playing in the pool during the Covid-19 pandemic, but you also should think about the more general aspects of pool safety for children.

You should never leave a child unattended when they are in the pool, even if you think that they are a good swimmer. They should be in a depth that is suitable for their ability and if they require flotation aids then these should be worn.

Essentially it is down to you as a parent to keep an eye on your children, ensure that they understand what is happening in the world right now and how you expect them to behave. So long as they are not too close to those around them, or they are sharing toys, then all should be fine for them to have some water based fun in the sun.