Co-parenting is never easy; you need to make sure that you both think about your child and that you focus on their needs. Along with this you also need to make sure that you put any of your own feelings aside, especially if they are particularly negative.

Covid-19 has had an impact on many things in our lives and how we parent and co-parent is no different. If you are finding it hard to work out how to co-parent during Covid-19, we have put together our guide to how to make it work.

Try and stick to your regular routine as much as you can

It is likely to be harder to keep up with your regular co-parenting routine; but if you can then this is a good idea. Not only for your child, who will be used to certain arrangements, but also to you as parents too. Not only this, but if you know what times you are going to have your kids, or not have them, then you will be able to make plans for work etc.

Make the most of any breaks that you get from your children

Do you feel guilty when your child is away from you and you get a break? If you do then this is normal. However, you shouldn’t feel this way. Embrace the time that you have to yourself. You have earnt it looking after your child the rest of the time.


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Realise it is okay to feel overwhelmed

No matter how well you are doing being a parent during lockdown; there is no shame being overwhelmed by everything and feeling a little down on yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself and be sad if you need to. You might think that you should hide these feelings from your child, but if they see you feeling a certain way and not being afraid to sharing your emotions, then they too may feel okay to vocalise how they feel.

Be flexible

Whilst it is a good idea to try and stay within your routine, there probably needs to be a degree of flexibility at the moment. If your co-parent needs to change things up, then it might be a good idea to let them and work with their needs. Not only will this be beneficial to your child, to see you come together, but it also works in your benefit too as if you need a favour in the future, they will be more likely to help you.


Talk to your friends

If you are looking after your children on your own, then it is vitally important that you do what you can to make sure that you stay social. Arrange to catch up with your friends during the evening, this will not only give you someone to talk about, but will also help you to sound off when you are feeling down or frustrated.

It goes without saying that for all of us, Covid-19 has changed our lives of late. However, it won’t last forever and before long you will be back to normal. If you do your best to master co-parenting during this time then this should help you in the future with co-parenting too.