Raising kids is no easy feat and one that requires your constant care and attention. Ensuring that your children grow into well-mannered adults with a healthy lifestyle is important for a lot of parents, and to achieve this you need to start thinking about it now.

Healthy habits are fairly easy to introduce into your child’s routine, and here are five ways you can help:

Be a good role model

This isn’t about being a perfect parent, but more about setting a good example. It’s going to be hard to introduce healthy habits into your child’s life if they can see you’re not doing it, so you need to start practising what you preach.

Rather than simply using words to emphasise a healthy lifestyle is important, your child will learn from your actions and mimic them.

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Minimise TV, video game and computer time

In this increasingly digital world, it can be difficult to limit the amount of time we spend watching TV, playing video games or using our mobile phones. But too much time in front of the TV can lead to other problems such as obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Limiting these activities to two hours a day is best but actually implementing this can be tricky, so try and create an engaging atmosphere in the home where everyone can get involved.

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Encourage physical activity

This isn’t as simple as making them go out and play football, but find a physical activity they really enjoy. Let your child experiment with different kinds of sports and activities to discover which one they love. If they enjoy it, they’re more likely to stick with it.

Think about physical activities that involve the whole family and join in with being active to have an even bigger impact.

Make dinnertime a family affair

Too many families eat dinner in front of the TV or at different times. Whilst implementing the above tips, ensure that dinnertime is family time. This means no phones at the table and no TV on in the background. This may be difficult to start with, but it’s a vital part of everyones day and if you all lead hectic lives, then it gives you a chance to sit down together and do something as a family every single day.

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Stay involved

And whilst you’re eating together as a family, it’s important to show an interest in your child’s life. Ask questions about their day and engage with them. This will not only create a positive atmosphere at the table but will also allow your child to know that you’re interested in their life.

Taking this one step further and becoming more involved in their day-to-day life is even better. Whether this is a kickabout with a ball on the green or reading them a bedtime story. Involvement in their lives will help them to be happier and healthier.