Suffering from food cravings during pregnancy is entirely normal and something most women will go through. Resisting the cravings is something else entirely different considering they’re a million times stronger than your average craving. You might find yourself waking up at 2 o’clock in the morning desperate for something absurd, and no matter what happens, you have to have it now.

Here is a list of different food cravings during pregnancy and what they mean:



It seems like a silly one but ice is one of the most common food cravings during pregnancy, and although it’s not really sustenance, the chewing on ice can help with inflammation in the mouth and the tongue – a common symptom in those who suffer from anemia.


Chocolate, and all things sweet, are common food cravings for those who are pregnant and with a ban on alcohol, it’s the next best thing to a glass of wine. Although a good source of magnesium, craving chocolate may have more to do with the feel-good factor that comes with it.


So this might sound like a strange one, but it’s not uncommon to see a pregnant woman eating a lemon. It’s definitely one of the stranger food cravings during pregnancy but your taste buds change and so you might find yourself craving sour foods.


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If you find you’re craving pickles, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s been suggested that pickles are a great source of sodium but really they’re a low-calorie, inexpensive snack that’s perfect for satisfying the craving. Some women will claim they eat them because of the crunch whereas others enjoy the acidity.

Ice cream

Sweet, cool and creamy – what more could you possibly want? There’s no surprise that a lot of pregnant women crave ice cream but try to opt for a healthier option such as frozen yoghurt.

Fizzy drinks

Carbonated drinks are a great solution for morning sickness. Although you need to avoid caffeinated beverages, try a ginger ale or sprite to help with the queasiness and settle your stomach.

Spicy foods

Whilst pregnant, it can be difficult for your body to cool down. Spicy foods like curries and jalapeno peppers are common cravings – the spicy food makes you sweat and thus allows the body to cool down.


If you find yourself craving crisps, it could be that you’re low on sodium, but ultimately the more common reason is they’re satisfyingly crunchy. The high salt intake associated with crisps is something to be wary of so try and restrict how much you eat.


Despite craving junk food, healthy stuff is also one of the common food cravings during pregnancy. Both you and your body want a healthy baby and this message translates to your sub-conscious, creating a craving for fruit. Plus fruit like melon and grapes are a great refreshing snack that’s loaded with vitamin C.


Many doctors will advise against drinking coffee but many will find themselves craving it – especially those who drank it before the pregnancy. There are added benefits of drinking coffee too, like decreasing the risks of headaches and depression, but ask your doctor first to see what they advise.