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April is Autism Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of autism. In this post, we’re sharing a success story that sheds light on potential treatments for autism.

Gabriel and Alex, two boys from Romania, participated in a clinical trial led by Dr. Felician Stăncioiu in Bucharest. Both boys received their own cord blood for autism treatment, stored in family banks outside Romania. As part of the trial, they underwent a single intravenous infusion of their stem cells along with nutritional supplements.

Before the therapy, Gabriel was often distracted and he could be too aggressive and even violent towards his younger siblings, while Alex exhibited echolalia, repeating phrases instead of speaking independently. However, after the therapy, both boys showed remarkable improvements.

Gabriel’s father notes his son’s decreased agitation and improved communication, along with better interactions with his siblings. Similarly, Alex’s mother shares the joy of hearing her son speak independently for the first time just two days after the infusion.

Watch: Interviews of Gabriel’s Father & Alex’s Mother

It’s essential to understand that cord blood therapy isn’t a miracle cure for autism. As Alex’s mother points out, it’s a complementary treatment that, when combined with therapy and parental efforts, can lead to significant progress in cognitive, social, and language development.

This success story highlights the potential of cord blood therapy in autism treatment, emphasizing the significance of preserving cord blood for future medical requirements.

As you prepare for the arrival of your little one, it’s important to consider all options for their future well-being. Banking your baby’s cord blood at birth could potentially offer a lifeline of therapeutic possibilities down the road, providing invaluable support for your child’s health in the future.

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