Is cord blood banking really necessary? We believe that’s a big YES! Here’s what you need to know about this medical miracle.

People usually view cord blood banking one of two ways. Either they understand that it’s a life-saving medical innovation, or they believe that it’s unethical and shouldn’t be done.

We truly believe that if you have something at your fingertips that could save your child’s life one day, it certainly shouldn’t be ignored!

So, is cord blood banking really necessary? We say yes! Here are 5 important reasons that every parent should consider it as a life-saving measure for their children.

Cord Blood Banking is Simple, Non-Invasive, and Quick

Cord blood banking is one of the simplest, easiest process you could imagine! It’s completely non-invasive and has no bearing whatsoever on your child’s health at that moment.

The blood is taken from the umbilical cord after it’s been cut. This cutting process is a natural part of childbirth, so why not take the opportunity to have those cells collected and stored at the same time?

There’s no need for anyone to touch you or your baby any more than they would during the normal birthing process. Your little one will be 100% safe throughout the entire cord blood collection process.

Cord Blood Stem Cells Can Create New Cells

Once the simple procedure is done, your baby basically has a health backup. The stem cells in umbilical cord blood are miracle cells! They’re pure and plastic, and their biggest claim to fame is that they can transform into just about any other cell in the human body.

Whatever cells your baby’s body may need later in life, there’s a good chance that their own stem cells will be able to come to their rescue.

When their own cells are stored for later use, there’s no need to go through the whole process of looking for a matching donor. They’re already a perfect match! The body should accept them and the new cells they create effortlessly.

It Can Help Treat Multiple Conditions

Because of their unique ability to become almost any kind of cell, cord blood stem cells can be used as part of treatment for a huge variety of conditions.

They’re most often used to treat cancers, both in children and in adults. Chemotherapy wipes out the damaged and infected cells, and then stem cells are transplanted and become strong, fighter cells.

Some of the other conditions that stem cells can help treat include:

  • Sickle cell disease
  • A variety of tumors
  • Leukaemia and other blood disorders
  • Immune system disorders

Research is ongoing about using stem cells for diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy.

It Can Save Lives

Your baby’s cord blood can save their life one day. It’s the perfect biological match, so there’s no chance of rejection when doing a transplant.

But, theirs isn’t the only life that can be saved. If there’s a match, your child’s cord blood could also be used to save the life of their siblings. It could also be potentially used for parents and other family members. It’s estimated that one-third of us will need regenerative therapy in our lifetime!

One small, simple procedure can go a long way towards saving lives.

It’s the Only Chance You Have

It’s understandable to be unsure about umbilical cord blood banking. Can it really be as helpful as they say? Will it be worth it one day?

What you need to keep in mind is that there’s only ONE chance to collect these miracle cells, and that’s immediately after your baby is born.

Wait even 30 minutes, and that chance is lost forever. Those stem cells are at their purest and most plastic in those moments. Every minute after birth, they lose those magical qualities.

If you miss out on the chance to collect those stem cells at your child’s birth, you can never get that chance back. Don’t waste it!

In Conclusion

The downside of cord blood banking is that you really only have one chance to do it for each child. If you miss that window, you can never get it back.

But the pros far outweigh the cons. If you do bank that stem cell-rich cord blood, you can rest assured that your child’s chances of living a long, healthy life are increased exponentially! Is cord blood banking a gift you want to give your child? Contact us to find out more at 043116613.