Apr 28 - hild Safe during the COVID-19

With the ongoing news reports about the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s hard to escape what’s happening in the world. While we find it scary, it’s even harder for our children. Not only are they confused about not seeing friends and family and not going to school and groups like normal, but they are also frightened about the virus. It’s so important to make this period the best possible for your children so they don’t feel uneasy and nervous during the weeks ahead. You don’t want their sleeping habits to be affected or even their mental health. In fact, here is our guide to keeping your child safe and reassured during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

It’s important to keep talking

A lot of parents are making the error of not talking to their kids about the Coronavirus. While we want to protect our kids, it’s so important that we do talk to our children and let them voice their concerns. After all, they will hear stuff through friends or read something online that might leave them feeling nervous. Therefore, make sure you have conversations where you tell them what is going on and be honest with them. Hearing the truth from you will help them to feel reassured and will ease their worries a little during this stressful time. And don’t just leave it at one conversation; make sure you keep talking to answer any of their concerns as the weeks pass by.




Try to keep as normal a routine as possible

With a lot of things changing for your child, it’s so important to try to keep as much as you can normal. Whether it’s making sure they are still up at the same time and get to enjoy their breakfast routine to giving them a bath and story like normal, it will help to reassure them and make them feel safe. Do let them have that time to watch their favourite show or play their familiar game so that it does bring a bit of normality to their lives. And make sure to set a schedule for the day as children thrive off routine.

Do ensure they follow safety measures too

You can keep your children safe by ensuring they are following the same guidelines you are. You need to make sure they wash their hands for 20 seconds after you have been outside your property. It’s also important to ensure they are following the two-metre rule too when you go for your daily walk or pop to the shops. Not only will this keep your child safe if they do follow the important rules but it will also reassure them they are taking steps to stay safe. After all, they will also be wondering what they can do to make sure they don’t catch the Coronavirus.

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