Aug 01 - Late Pregnancy Challenges Summer

Summertime is the season that most pregnant women prefer to avoid during their later days of pregnancy. Summer might be beautiful and a time for going out to the beach and enjoying the sun but if you’re expecting, and you’re on your late-term pregnancy, it can be excruciating. Here are some of the most common late pregnancy challenges during summer that you might encounter and what you can do about it.


For many pregnant women, carrying around an extra weight in the hottest season of the year can be very challenging. You must avoid the sun at its hottest times such as midday and if ever you need to go outside, don’t forget to carry around a bottle of water with a spray nozzle to spray your face and skin when the heat gets unbearable.

You can also try swimming in a shaded pool, or maybe go to the Movie Theater or a shopping mall in order to soak up some air conditioning.


Dehydration can pose some serious health risks to you and your baby. Keeping yourself well-hydrated is one of main routines you should always remember. Aside from taking your regular eight cups of water, drink an additional cup of water for every hour spent in the sun. If you are tired of drinking just plain water, you can add a squeeze of lemon in it. You can also make healthy home-made popsicles using a mixture of blended fruit and herbal teas. They can be satisfying, delicious and very good for you and your baby.


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Some women on their late pregnancy often develop edema, also known as swelling due to water retention. It can be very uncomfortable for you if you have this condition during summertime. To avoid this, you need to take plenty of rest and if you already have edema, take time to sit down and put your feet up to minimise the swelling in your legs, feet and ankles. Also try to lessen your salt intake to help prevent water retention.


It is somewhat normal for pregnant women to feel exhausted, not just because you are carrying around an extra weight but also because you are preparing for your baby’s arrival as well. The summer heat can sometimes intensify your feeling of weariness. To avoid feeling tired, take frequent naps whenever possible. Try to hold-off big plans until you give birth to avoid stress like moving to a new home or renovating your backyard.

Late pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time despite of all its issues. Summer can make late pregnancy a hassle, but you can eliminate the potential pitfalls and enjoy your pregnancy moments. Enjoy the extra fresh air, sunshine, and outdoor exercise available. Use these tips to survive your summer pregnancy and you will turn a potentially bad summer into a great one.

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