storing the cord blood at birth

Storing the cord blood after birth is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture and preserve powerful stem cells from your baby’s umbilical cord that can currently treat more than 85 medical conditions.

More than 40,000 transplants have been done worldwide using the cord blood stem cells and they are also being used in clinical trials for treatment of cerebral palsy, brain injury, type 1 diabetes, autism, and more!

Your baby’s umbililical cord blood is 100% match to your child and there is also a 25% chance of being a perfect match to their siblings. The parents are also always a partial match. Here are some more benefits of saving the cord blood after birth.

1. Exclusive Ownership of the Cord Blood Sample

Storing the cord blood after birth with a private cord blood bank means that it is only for your baby and your family’s future use. The cord blood sample is cryopreserved in a private storage lab and will only be released for use according to your instructions.

At Cells4Life, we preserve your baby’s cord blood in multiple subdivisions so that you can use just a part of the sample as required for transplant and keep the remaining in storage until needed. We also provide the option to keep them in two separate storage labs for more security.

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2. Immediately Avaliable for Transplant

In the unlikely event that your baby or one of your family members will need a cord blood transplant, you wouldn’t have to look at public cord blood bank for stem cells since you already have them in storage. Your baby’s cord blood is a perfect match to your child, it can be a possible match with siblings are parents too.

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3. Cord Blood is Preserved for a Long Time

Storing the cord blood privately allows you to keep the sample for many years as both a safety net for your family and an investment in your family’s future. This gives you the opportunity to protect your child long after he or she reaches adult life.

At Cells4Life, we provide parents the option to store the cord blood sample for 20 up to 60 years! We currently have more than 150,000 cord blood samples in storage collected in over 50 countries worldwide. Cells4life have also released cord blood samples for treatment of perinatal stroke, brain injury, cerebral palsy, autism, and more!

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4. Different Stem Cell Processing Options

Cells4Life offers 3 different cord blood stem cell processing options to parents. Our premium service, CellsPlus is powered by TotiCyte – a ground-breaking blood separation technology developed and patented by Cells4Life! This unique technology is exclusive to us, and it delivers 3 times more stem cells at the point of treatment than any other similar processing methods. Our other options include Volume-Reduced and Whole Cord Blood storage.

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