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Having a baby, whether it’s for the first time or not, is bound to create a million and one questions in your mind about how your baby will grow and develop, particularly in their first year. No milestone will occur at precisely the same age for any two babies but it is helpful to have an idea when to expect these milestones.

Here’s the first chapter in our story of baby growth and development for the first year, from our baby’s point of view as they start to explore the world with sight, sound and touch between zero and three months.


The first few weeks

baby-first-week.pngI’m sleeping up to 16 hours a day in these first few weeks, waking regularly to be fed. This can be up to 15 times a day in the first week or so, reducing to about eight times a day as my first month progresses. Even at this early stage of my life I can hear my parent’s voices and I can focus on objects 10-14 inches away so I love to focus on their faces as I’m being fed. My arms and legs are still curled up, making it perfect for snuggling and bonding as I feed.


At 1 Month Old

baby-1-month.pngNow I’m a month old, I’m starting to make cooing and gurgling sounds to attract the attention of my parents, and I love it when they make these sounds back as it helps build a foundation for my milestones in speech later. I’m also starting to lift my head for a few seconds, with support from someone else, and my arms and legs are starting to uncurl. My vision and hearing is getting stronger all the time and I’m noticing brightly coloured toys and playthings that make sounds. I’m already starting to form bonds with my favourite toys.


At 2 Months Old

baby-2-months.pngI might be toothless, but I’ve learned to smile! This is one of my most impressive development milestones yet and of course I’m growing all the time. In total I’m sleeping less, and staying awake longer during the day, but I’m sleeping longer during each sleep especially at night as I need to feed less frequently as my stomach grows larger. Putting me on my tummy for ‘tummy time’ makes me cry as it’s a new experience, but it helps to make the muscles in my neck stronger.


At 3 Months Old

baby-3-months.pngAs my neck gets stronger I’m starting to push up on my arms during tummy time and I’m reaching out for things and people I can see near me. I’m even starting to try to roll over. I’m making sounds more often now and I’m beginning to discover touch. I love being cuddled and feeling different textures in my hands and I’m discovering new sensations all the time.


Our story continues with chapter two on baby growth and development milestones at four to six months which will be published in a few days! 🙂