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We’ve heard from our baby what milestones they’ve been experiencing during their first three months and second three months of growth and development and now as your baby becomes more independent things are noticeably starting to develop at a rapid pace…

At 7 Months Old

baby-7-months.pngI’ve reached another important developmental milestone, I can drink from my sippy cup, whilst holding it with both hands. This also means I can use my hands to clap and to pick up more things (and put them in my mouth). I can also sit up unsupported now, this makes playing much easier and as my legs get stronger I can hold onto my parent’s hands and bounce up and down, and I never get bored of it! My teeth are starting to come through, which upsets my tummy and makes me a bit groggy. When I’m happier I love to play peek-a-boo and I can recognise the words ‘no’ and ‘bye bye’. I’m becoming much more curious and have a shorter attention span as I need more stimulation and develop my fine motor skills.

At 8 Months Old

baby-8-months.pngI’m on the move! I started with a bottom shuffle that I perfected for a while, and now I’m crawling. Some of my friends of the same age don’t like to crawl so they’ve stuck with their bottom and knee shuffles but we’re all developing at our own rate and will all be fully mobile eventually. I’ve also perfected my pincer grasp, meaning that I’m able to pick things up between my thumb and fingers and explore what it feels and looks like in depth. When I’m not close to my loved ones I experience separation anxiety as I begin to realise that I’m a separate entity to them. I can get very clingy and being close to my parents and carers makes me feel much more settled.

At 9 Months Old

baby-9-months.pngMy legs are getting really strong now and I’m getting good at ‘cruising’ which is moving from the sofa to the armchair on my legs whilst holding on. I always drop down onto my bottom if I let go but I’m enjoying this freedom so much that I keep on trying. I love the encouragement from my parents, as I have with every development milestone, it makes me confident and secure enough to keep trying. I love nothing more than a box full of different things that I can empty out and investigate, and a handbag full of interesting things is so entertaining. I can stack a few toy bricks and knock them down again, and it makes me laugh every time. I can also make the connection between waving and ‘bye bye’ and like to practice this on everyone who visits.

Our story continues with our final chapter in this series on baby growth and development milestones at ten to twelve months! 🙂



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