Regenerative Medicine

Cryopreservation and expansion of stem cells for personalized anti-aging treatments, female rejuvenation, hair regeneration, and wound care.


Aging Skin Care

LIPOSKILL is a skin rejuvenation product containing 100% stem cells derived from one’s own fat and can be used for filling both fine and deep lines, as well as wrinkles.


Female Rejuvenation

GYNSKILL is an innovative and non-surgical therapy based on Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) that restores the appearance and function of the female genital area.


Hair Loss

HAIRSKILL is an effective and safe method using stem cells from adipose tissue to treat progressive weakening of the hair bulb and thinning of hair which results in hair loss.


Premature Ovarian Failure

OVOSKILL is the therapy used to reverse premature ovarian failure with the use of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells.


Breast-Ovarian Cancer

HELIXGYN is a breast-ovarian cancer monitoring program that analyses the genetic component that determines its development.


Cancer Driver Interception

HELIXAFE investigates the initial genetic imbalance stage that precedes the formation of tumours and can last up to 5-15 years.


Assessment of Gut Bacterial Imbalance

MICROBALANCE is a test that analyses the balance of the bacteria residing in the gut and provides a detailed microbiome profile.


Treatment for Cartilage Degeneration

ORTHOSKILL uses the stem cells collected from own FAT to treat orthopedic ailments of knees, hips, shoulders, ankles and other joints.

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