Xiao An’s recovery from aplastic anemia, thanks to his own stored umbilical cord blood, is a remarkable testament to the evolving landscape of medical treatments. In 2021, at the age of 18, Xiao An was diagnosed with this autoimmune condition, marked by T-cells attacking the body’s bone marrow. His parents’ decision in 2003 to store his cord blood became a lifesaving choice, as it contained hematopoietic stem cells crucial for treating blood diseases.

Xiao An’s journey involved a series of medical evaluations, leading to the realization that umbilical cord blood transplantation was a viable treatment option. The decision to use his own cord blood, stored for 19 years, set a new record in China for the longest storage and self-use of cord blood.

Once the treatment plan was established, communication between the hospital and the cord blood bank facilitated the release of the precious stem cells. Professional examinations confirmed the viability of the 19-year-old cord blood, meeting all necessary standards. In December 2022, Xiao An underwent successful cord blood transplantation at a specialized hospital for blood diseases.

The significance of December 25, 2022, marked a turning point for Xiao An and his family. Under the care of Director Xiong Min at Beijing Lu Daopei Hospital, the reinfusion of cord blood stem cells took place. A month later, Xiao An’s intensive care phase concluded, and by February 2023, he was discharged, resuming a normal life.

Xiao An’s parents expressed profound gratitude for the foresight in storing umbilical cord blood, emphasizing its vital role in treating blood diseases. The case highlights the clinical application value of cord blood in over 80 blood and metabolic diseases, offering health protection to families.

It’s important to note that while autologous cord blood transplantation was effective for Xiao An, medical policies in many countries prioritize finding unrelated donors for patients with aplastic anemia. However, in cases where an unrelated donor is unavailable, and the condition is deemed acquired, transplanting the patient’s own cord blood stem cells becomes a viable therapeutic option. This approach aligns with medical practices in countries like the United States and India.

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Source: https://parentsguidecordblood.org/en/news/cured-his-own-cord-blood-19-years-later