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As your second trimester ends and you enter your third trimester of pregnancy, the excitement for your new arrival will build. But there’s still a lot your baby needs before they can be brought into the world. This article is going to take a look at the crucial development between week 28 and birth.

Week 28

At week 28, your baby will be gaining weight which will make their skin look smoother. Their scalp hair will be continuing to grow and they will now be able to open their eyes.

Week 29

Week 29 marks the point in your baby’s development where their muscles have matured. At this stage, they’re likely to start kicking and stretching.

Week 30

By week 30, your baby will have a good head of hair and be able to open their eyes wide. Their face will look almost the same as it will when you finally meet them, and you will be able to identify certain characteristics.

Week 31

During this part of your third trimester of pregnancy, your baby will begin to rapidly gain weight now that most of their major development has finished.


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Week 32

By week 32, your baby is beginning to practice breathing as they continue to grow and gain weight.

Week 33

At week 33, your baby’s pupils will be able to dilate in response to light and their bones will start to harden, except for the skull which will remain soft until after the birth.

Week 34

Week 34 sees your baby’s fingernails reach the end of their fingers and during this time, they will continue to gain weight and their lungs will slowly mature.

Week 35

By week 35 in the third trimester of pregnancy, your baby’s skin will become pink and smooth. Their limbs will take on a chubby appearance and their liver and kidneys will now be fully functioning.

Week 36

The lack of space within the uterus will prevent your baby form kicking out, however it’s likely that you’ll still feel them moving around.

Week 37

By week 37, your baby is likely to begin to move into place in preparation for the birth. Your health care provider will want to know where baby’s head is at this stage in order to deal with the possibility that baby isn’t in the correct position for birth.

Week 38

As the end of your third trimester of pregnancy draws near, your baby will be restricted by the amount of space they have and therefore their movements will lessen. All of your baby’s major body systems will be functioning as they should and they will continue to practice their breathing.

Week 39

Your delivery day is almost due!

Week 40

Get ready to welcome your new baby into the world!

Don’t be alarmed if your due date comes and goes with no sign of labour, this is very common as the due date is only an estimate.




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