Unfortunately, mood swings are an unavoidable part of pregnancy. With all those hormones flying around, there’s no wonder that it’s going to cause a few mood swings. But at the end of the day, it’s no fun, not for you or your partner. So how do you cope with them?

Why does pregnancy make you so moody?

Before delving into the ‘how to cope’ section, it’s important to first understand your body and what it’s going through. Whilst hormones are likely to be the main contributor to these uncontrollable moods, there’s going to be other factors that will also have an impact.

Your body is going through a lot of changes, including new things to worry about. Many women find themselves becoming forgetful whilst pregnant as well and this can lead to frustration, coupled with the physical toll of the pregnancy (such as morning sickness, backache and heartburn) it can be easy to see why mood swings happen.

Get lots of sleep

Feeling irritable can often be a side-effect of not having enough sleep. Ensuring you get plenty of sleep at night, and then a nap during the day, can go a long way to helping you feel less moody and irritable.

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Try to relax

It may sound easier than in reality but it’s important to take time out of your day to feel relaxed. This could include anything from going to the movies with a friend to having a nice long soak in the bath. Taking the time to relax can have a big impact on how you feel but more importantly, will allow you to let go of built up tensions.

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Do regular physical activity

Physical activities are great for releasing pent up energies, and even better if you’re feeling frustrated. Have a conversation with your doctor about which exercises they would recommend you do, but taking a walk or even going for a light jog shouldn’t be too difficult in the early stages of your pregnancy.

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Eat well

A healthy balanced diet is key to a healthy pregnancy and it can have a big impact on your moods. Even more so with recent research showing that ‘hangry’ is a real emotion. Providing your body with what it needs when it asks for it will go a long way to helping you feel more in control and less moody.

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Do yoga

A little meditation never hurt anyone, and some good mindfulness will help you to remain calm. There are specialty pregnancy yoga and meditation classes that you can join that will be more suited to what you should be doing.

Make friends

No matter how moody and stressed you feel, you’re not alone. Think about joining a prenatal class where you can make friends with those experiencing similar issues. You can swap stories and feel reassured that you’re not on your own. Building a morale support network like this is also vital for later stages in the pregnancy and after the birth so it’s worth getting involved as early as possible.